Full DVD now available. http://www.acousticselection.com/shop.php Chapter 1 teaches a person simply how to learn the notes on the piano. This is the first st…

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One thought on “Praise in 10 Days (Piano DVD) – 1.”Learn the Notes”

  1. T Morton says:

    Hi Matt. I just wanted to say I have been using your guitar tutorials for
    the past few months, and I just started trying to learn piano. I was so
    happy to see that you had lessons for that too! Your guitar lessons have
    been a huge part of my growth in learning worship music, which in turn has
    spurred wonderful growth in my life spiritually. In my opinion, your love
    for Jesus shines through in your lessons, and your words. Thank you, you
    have really been an inspiration to me, and I’m sure to many others. Keep up
    the wonderful work you are doing for the Lord!

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