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22 thoughts on “Practice Tutorial: “Let It Go” Frozen with Free Sheet Music

  1. Violinista do Brasil says:

    Man, why do not you come to one network?
    I am a fullscreen partner and this greatly increases the gain, think about

    forgive my English!

  2. Pat VanderMeulen says:

    Why don’t you change your hand position when you are practicing? You play
    it differently in your other video.

  3. Xiah Duong says:

    Fantastic!!! I’m wondering if you could make a tutorial video like this:Silent
    Night (Violin Fingerings Close Up). It will be easier for us-violin
    beginners to learn your “let it go”. Please!!!

  4. phoenixblitz01 says:

    hi i want to ask can you please send me the music notes?like G1,D0
    something like that because i trying to read music sheet while enjoying
    playing violin thanks in advance

  5. Ron Alvin Mecono says:

    super love!!! I don’t know how to read notes but because of this video now
    I can play this song. Super thank you!

  6. Tara Flavin says:

    …. Why is there only like…. 2 or 3 lines on the score…. why not the
    normal 5??? I was trying to read the music(I’m grade 2 atm) and what I was
    playing didn’t sound right at all… When I thought it was 2nd on E(g) you
    were using your 4th finger on the A string… I could’ve sworn you were
    playing on the A string during what I thought was played on the D string
    O.O Please explain it to me. I tried finding sheet music online but it all
    prints out too small to read :I

  7. cornel roata says:

    Wow You are Amazing and thank you for giving up the time and effort you
    really helped me!!!!! =)

  8. sburps says:

    It looks like you catch every notes you play ? If yes can you explain why
    you do that ?


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