Yay, what an adorable song to play :). Hope you enjoy….

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25 thoughts on “Portal – Still Alive Piano Cover!

  1. GWAlistair says:

    Where do you get all of your sheet music, and is there any way that you can
    start uploading it or providing it with the videos

  2. bojxit52 says:

    Really wish your site still had all of the fan transcriptions of your cover
    pieces. Made me really sad when I found they were all gone since I have
    learned so many of your covers from them since they are so awesome and are
    what made me teach myself piano in the first place. Hope somewhere out
    there is a database with all of those sheets because it’d be a shame to
    lose so many great pieces

  3. duprimeofx says:

    Is there literally nothing you can write that wouldn’t sound like the
    soundtrack to a mediocre anime series

  4. Ryan Trombatore says:

    Watching you play has inspired me to take up trying to learn piano. I
    recently purchased the best I could afford and always come here to watch
    your videos whenever I need inspiration to keep on practicing every day
    that I can.
    Don’t stop making music! Thank you for being you!

  5. Eveeeon says:

    I love this one ^_^ I often just get my guitar out while watching your
    streams and improvise along, thank you for all the time you put in!

  6. Sumurai8 says:

    This needs some more violin I think. *Glares in general direction of +
    joshi3joshi and +lara6683 (even though she is MIA for the past 7 months)?

  7. Marius Klezok says:

    I really love the part from 0:50 – 1:30 then it gets somhow too pompous
    for me. But maybe its just me,
    enjoying the playful/simple original sound too much 🙂 Amazing work though!

  8. PianoFrenzyHD says:

    Possible for you to make a MIDI of this for people like me who can’t read
    sheets? 😮 <3

  9. Cody Woods says:

    I dont know why you feel like you have to play so low on the piano.. Those
    low notes dont go with the song at all

  10. Brandon martinez says:

    My friend hero238 or cargo bloodsucker taught him self this song with no
    sheet music. Just from hearing the song

  11. Vinh Vu says:

    I think I might’ve said this in the past, but that looks a lot like the
    Yamaha CP 300 stage piano I had back in university.

  12. Classical Jams - Passionate Piano says:

    Everything you do is so beautiful Kyle. I love your passion and evident
    that you really loved playing this as it is written in your body language
    :-)) BRAVO! Have a great week! ~Jackie

  13. JoJBA Johan says:

    Im singing along like a retard…. my brother came in being like “WTF i
    know that song – why you sing?”

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