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25 thoughts on “Pirates of the Caribbean Medley – Pirates of the Caribbean [Piano Tutorial] // Kyle Landry

  1. Douglas Phillips says:

    why do so many mine crafters play music?
    (I am a mine crafter and play 4 instruments) :p

  2. Sk0lzkiy says:

    Is there any way to get the notes? 🙂
    I made a cover of “he’s a pirate” but I have to admit – I’m to lazy to
    cover every song from the movie myself :P

  3. ParagonNovaJR says:

    this is just psychological. if you think its hard and its feels hard, then
    it will be hard.

    This might look hard, but its realy just psychological, its not very hard.
    its just takes long time,

    But if you are positive, and can pas the psychological part, then it wont
    be hard.

  4. Matt Mahoney says:

    Can you please put this whole thing on iTunes? there’s only one part and I
    really want the whole thing. Thumbs up if you agree!!!
    Also, if possible the sheet music.

  5. iqbal barra says:

    i wish i can play piano. but all i know was basic twinkle-twinkle lil star
    song… :'( tried to learn but i just cant get it right

  6. SantiFiore says:

    When my time comes, and my life´s resume start to pass through my eyes,
    THIS gonna be the background music. It´s all than i want for that moment.

    Oh, and a bottle of spiced rum, if possible.

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