In the first installment of the Piano Quickie series we’ll name the different notes on the piano. For the full Piano Quickie playlist, click here: http://www…

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6 thoughts on “Piano Quickie 1: Naming the Notes on the Piano

  1. nickysmithy123 says:

    ive watched em all so far 🙂 next time in ur videos can u help with
    identifying noted on sheet music? it would help me out alot. anywayd thanks

  2. nickysmithy123 says:

    thanks! im a student and learning piano next year. do u have any
    suggestions for a keyboard that i can use at home?

  3. Suzanne LeBizarre says:

    O does this bring back memories! Growing up, learning, I had a chart
    which fit over the back of the keyboard…first thing I learned was “middle
    C” (all this from 60 years ago!)

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