HERE IS THE SHEET MUSIC!!!–right_here_waiting.pdf You can thank me by subscribing :P. thanks for watchin…

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22 thoughts on “Piano notes- Right here waiting- Richard marx

  1. Jessica Fielding says:

    WOW, Matt!!!! Well, what can I say? you’ve done ANOTHER amazing job! Keep
    it up! later- Jess

  2. jhajj3 says:

    Great playing! It’s a beautiful song, and you played it wonderfully. Thanks
    a million for posting the sheet music.

  3. roseandblack70 says:

    woow you’re great it sounds exactly like the original music good game keep
    it up ^^ ps : i love your piano *__*

  4. Mitchell Goodfellow says:

    this is fantastic! i have also been looking for this sheet music. PS Ur
    really good, keep it up!

  5. Jessica Fielding says:

    You just THRILLED little carolyn- she wants to type and say hi to yoU!
    hhutrk fjkgl,hoohtlh h;’hf;.’bgf ( That waws her. She said hi and that you
    played very well- she was bouncing up and down when you were playing:D )
    anyways you did a great job Matt! Keep playing

  6. StarWarsTromboneGeek says:

    That was great! You’re really good and your piano sounds wonderful! Mine
    is… in need of tuning. -jealousy- lol Thank you for posting the sheet
    music! 🙂


    EYXARISTO POLY GIA TO LINK… Thank you very much for the link… greetings
    from Greece

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