This is a clip from one of my PIANO MADNESS streams on! Check it out. See what…

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25 thoughts on “PIANO MADNESS – To Zanarkand Piano Cover (Final Fantasy X)

  1. JasmineRachelle22 says:

    I play this on piano too but now I don’t even want to after listening to
    this.. You put me to shame.. I sound like I’ve only played for a few months
    compared to you but in reality I’ve played for 17

  2. izzy carshuen says:

    Holy mother of god! We got to see your face without it being obscured in
    some way!
    Miracle of Miracles! 

  3. BlAcKsKoRpIoNable says:

    that’s impossible, yesterday i played at ffx since a long time and today at
    school i was singing to zanarkand in my head all the time and now this!!

  4. Das Eiki says:

    This has to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.
    I love the melody of this piece, it’s just so calm and powerful at the same

  5. HingleMcCringleBerry says:

    I’m sorry I can’t get over the fact that it looks like you decapitated
    Pikachu and left his head severed on a pole to watch you play piano for all
    your days O_O

  6. Rachelle de la Rosa says:

    Im so happy that mr landry shares the same interests as me becausr each
    sing hits me right in the feels 10/10

  7. The White Piano Key Productions says:

    A shame I’m always sleeping or not at home when you’re streaming, I’d love
    to watch one, they look like a lot of fun ^-^

  8. annevisje says:

    You should really play the curse of the sad mummy on the piano! I
    personally love the song, and I bet you will make it even better! 

  9. Alex Menteer says:

    I really do admire the improv. I wish I could replicate the same in League
    games. >_<


  10. Marilyn Mitchell says:

    You are amazingly talented. Beautiful!
    May I give you a tip? If you sat correctly at the piano, you would have so
    much more freedom to move at the keyboard. Set the bench far enough back
    that your knees are just under the keyboard, like maybe an inch or two.
    And as you are doing in this video, only sit on the edge of the bench, not
    allowing the thighs to be supported by it, only your bottom. This will get
    your torso out of the way. You will then look and sound like a pro! : )

  11. RunsWithKniefs says:

    note to self…. dont watch kyles vids in bed…
    almost dropped my tablet from relaxing to the music

  12. Spiral. says:

    Kyle was in a more determined mood than usual? Came across maybe a bit
    overpowered for me on this piece.

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