This lesson covers how to use the right sustain pedal on piano. ———— Jazz piano lessons for beginners to jazzy chords and improvisation. Lessons are …

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10 thoughts on “Piano Lessons For Beginners – 7 – Sustained Notes

  1. tuan than says:

    do you keep your foot on the pedal throughout the song? when are you
    supposed to let go and come back on?

  2. Mmeronek says:

    You can hold it as long as you want to, or lift off the pedal really fast
    after you play to stop the sound (it will make your chord sound really
    short). A general guideline you can use is to hold down the pedal when
    you’re on the same chord, but make sure to ‘reset’ the pedal when you move
    to another chord. You want each new chord you play to sound clean. Also,
    while you’re holding it down for one chord, if it sounds like there are too
    many notes being played, lift and reset the pedal again.

  3. Mmeronek says:

    I tend to not tap my foot if I’m playing, I’ll tap my right foot when I’m
    listening though. Usually it’s more in my head movement, or I feel the
    internal rhythm/beat in my whole body and I get ‘locked into’ the beat, and
    from there the music ‘comes out’ through my fingers into the keyboard.
    That’s just for me though, it’s more of that feeling inside my chest of
    knowing exactly where the beat is, ‘feeling’ the beat.

  4. Muhd Fhmi says:

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  5. Julian Vickers says:

    Thank you, sir, for this FANTASTIC series of lessons! I’m a sax guy newly
    getting into piano, so I sort of “skimmed through the first couple of
    lessons, but your lessons are great… and your descriptions of the “feel”
    of the improvisational process is right on. Two thumbs up.

  6. Blazing Kurama says:

    I’m an intermediate to advanced piano player, but more so in the classical
    side. I’m trying to learn the jazz style so I guess I’ll sit through these
    lessons lol

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