5 thoughts on “piano lesson “the black notes”

  1. runninghoove says:

    My problem is the REVERSE!! I’m proficient with the black notes and a few
    white notes, but primarily use the black notes as my chord roots. How do I
    learn to use the white notes? If I can master whites notes, I will have
    mastered the best of both worlds, black & white notes. I don’t read music,
    I play by ear and can play nearly anything using the black notes, albeit in
    minor, and everyone is always amazed, but seriously, it is not a talent,
    it’s a bad habit. White notes for me are discordant. 🙁

  2. DCGraf1 says:

    if you familiarize yourself with the basic scales and chords, along with
    fingerings, it will help you expand your keyboard knowledge and awareness.
    Try learning the major scales and the major & minor triads. Each scale you
    learn should open up new possibilities for your natural musical abilities.
    Good luck!

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