Credits goes to TheSuperMarios2 for making the 3500000 note MIDI. Watch my computer play this insane remix! MIDI:…

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25 thoughts on “Piano From Above – Bad Apple!! 3.5 Million notes

  1. The Minecraft Nerd says:

    To my calculations, about 9999999999999997 petty humans, it uses about 600
    hooked up pianos to play notes in rapid succession.

  2. Sandbag says:

    That’s the formula of the internet.Anything pointless, but impressive in
    its own right is given recognition as long as people can happily say “Shit!
    Not even chuck norris can pull this off!”. Welcome to the internet.

  3. aethermodaddict says:

    Yes, beat the crap out of you are piano’also does had sezer onn pinoa lolme
    sey good rgamamr

  4. erdembeyful says:

    YOU USE UNDER: intel core i7 extreme 3.90 ghz or 4.90 ghz 6 gb video card
    monster sound card 64-bit system Windows 8 pro 32 gb ram

  5. TheSuperMarioBros2 says:

    Dude, you’re a real dumbass. You actually thought that 3.5 million notes
    would sound like a masterpiece??

  6. Tsukiyomaru Zero says:

    Until the “Lyrics” began, I had no idea of what was going on. And then…
    Awesomeness ensues

  7. ozzyismetal says:

    I wasn’t aware people still made Chuck Norris jokes. They should preserve
    you in a zoo or something so future generations can see that people like
    you actually existed.

  8. Darian Stephens says:

    *Sees a bunch of comments warning not to play this or it will crash my
    computer* Whelp, guess what I’m about to do!

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