Last week I explained that playing blues in keys that are normally considered more difficult (such as E, A and D) can actually be eas…

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19 thoughts on “Piano crush notes in other blues keys

  1. nbase says:

    Thanks, great tutorial – as usual 🙂 Just a little tip for better audio
    quality for ur tuts: get a headset and plug its mic and the piano’s
    line-out in a mixing console and monitor it through ur headset. That way
    you’d have a much better recording quality with less white noise and you
    wouldn’t hear the hammering sound when you push the keys.

  2. turfer100 says:

    Great videos would be great if you could do a few videos on how chords
    change in western and dance music from the intro to verse to chorus

  3. Bill Hilton says:

    Cheers Rowen – I’ll add that to the list. BTW, you might find some of the
    material you want in my earlier videos – there are a few bits and pieces on
    developing chord progressions.

  4. Bill Hilton says:

    Thanks! I actually tried that a couple of times but found it just killed
    the spontaneity of the tutorial by making things sound more artificial. The
    hammering sound is certainly a pain, and I’m working on it. I’ve just moved
    house and am getting used to working in a different space. Right now I’m
    experimenting with damping the room. I’ve managed to deal with most of the
    voice echo – the key noise is my next target…!

  5. Bill Hilton says:

    Hi Philip: yes, I’m definitely aware of the problem, as I can hear it
    myself and several people have pointed it out. It’s basically a teething
    problem with the new space I’m working in (we’ve just moved house). I’m
    going to spend some time this weekend experimenting a little more with
    damping some of the hard surfaces that seem to be causing the problem.
    Hopefully it should be better in the next tutorial. Thanks, as ever, for
    watching and taking the time to comment!

  6. sidb37 says:

    Is it me or are your piano keys very heavy and seem to make a loud
    noise/rattle a lot which deters from the excellent lesson

  7. Bill Hilton says:

    It’s not just you! As you’ll see from earlier comments, it’s a problem
    that’s arisen since I moved house a couple of weeks ago – I haven’t quite
    got the acoustics right in my new office yet. I’m going to spend the
    weekend moving bookshelves around and putting stuff on the walls –
    hopefully that will sort it out. It was rarely a problem previously… 🙂

  8. Rowen Halpern says:

    Bill I really want to do a piano video but I’m to worried that people are
    going to make fun of it and its going to turn out bad. Can you give me some

  9. tbllihai997 says:

    G’day to you sir. Your videos are pretty much the best I’ve found on
    youtube and i like your teaching style. I’m only beginning to play the
    piano and i wonder if you could answer a question. I know that it’s
    important to practice scales, especially if i want to learn to play blues
    and jazz, but my question is what keys should i practice? I’m an
    intermediate guitar player and i know i practice quite a few keys there,
    but which ones would be best to start with for the piano? thank you much.

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