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25 thoughts on “One Direction: Night Changes (Elliott Spenner Piano Cover

  1. Nailah Palmer says:

    You play so beautifully! I play by ear . But listening to you always takes
    me to a different level.

  2. victoria besada says:

    I love how you close your eyes while playing… Its like you really feel
    the music. Just incredible!!!

  3. Katelyn Evans says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!! Elliott, do you do it by ear, or do u read music? I
    also play piano☺️

  4. Saandraa001 says:

    Its so beautiful :’) I posted on vine with this c: used #88Kieys just so
    you can see it :’) <3

  5. Loena Zwart says:

    I really love how you play these songs. You’re such an inspiration! And
    you’re just amazing. ;)

  6. lily cabret says:

    Also how long does it take to learn a song like this because I get really
    frustrated when I cant play something

  7. GabrielFoss says:

    Could you play songs like comptine audre a ete blah blah whatever and La
    Corde, both from Yann Tiersen? I love them!

  8. Nanouk J. says:

    I don’t like 1D normaly, but this was just beautiful, as always. Elliot you
    are very talented, are you doing music studies ? I hope you read this. Love
    from the Caribbean 🙂 

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