Learn “Oceans by Hillsong” on Piano. Teacher: Wade McNutt. EMAIL LIST: http://pianomeditation.fanbridge.com/ Website: http://pianomeditation.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pianomeditati …

25 thoughts on “Oceans (Hillsong) – How to play on Piano

  1. Thaaaank you so much! I love this song and I’m so motivated to learn it.
    I’m playing it now…you’re an awesome teacher!!!! God bless you!! ;)

  2. God bless you. I’ve been playing the keys in Church since I was 9. i’m 17
    now, and it seems that youtube has changed in those years. less people want
    to give our free lessons to those who generally want to learn. God will
    surely reward you for your hard work. Grace and Peace

  3. I wish you’d had the chords written in the description, but the end of the
    video about how to thicken chords was awesome. I’m really good at playing
    sheet music and terrible at organic building, so having you walk through
    what you’re doing was great.

  4. because of this video, this is not only the first song I learnt to play but
    not I can play while singing AND close my eyes during the chorus, thanks
    again +pianomeditation 

  5. can you please make a video on how to play the song Even so come by
    kristian Stanfill. I want to play this sing with a group of friends by
    march 28th of this year for my youth gathering I know its alot to ask but
    if you could that would be such a great help

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