Topics covered in this lesson include: The music staff, learning how to read music notes, finger numbers, reading notes on the treble clef and the bass clef. More lessons to come!

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21 thoughts on “Note Reading Treble and Bass Clef, Finger Numbers – Learn to Play Piano – Lesson 2

  1. winker kwagz says:

    you are very nice teacher, i would pay you to teach me. But thanks for
    doing this, its so helpful. I’m going to share this with my friends. :)

  2. BrosWithHeads says:

    Lesson 1 was easy for me but this one is really difficult. I’m not a very
    fast learner. You explain it really well but I can’t get the bass very
    well. I’m a violinist so its easy for me to understand treble but the bass
    is soooo hard.

  3. Senna Marie Hime says:

    Your tutorials are great . This helps me continue my learnings on piano
    again . I stop leaning due to my studies . =))

  4. Sybil Vane says:

    Hi, first I would like to say thank you for the music lessons, you are an
    awesome teacher. Secondly, I would like to ask why some notes have the line
    going upward like treble clef first line “E” and some notes are going down
    like treble clef third space “C”. Why is that?
    I’m Italian but I live in the Uk. In Italy we study the notes as DO RE MI
    FA SOL LA SI, I know discover that the UK system is different so I’m
    finding it a little difficult. 

  5. Mr Drunk says:

    This video is very helpful for a leaner that as not got any idea on how to
    play the piano. I’m finding this very interesting. Thank you

  6. Sir Slapa Ho says:

    very slow, title must be changed for very very beginners, i played guitar
    for 1 year with european notes(do-re-mi…) and ibet most people know when
    a note is on a line or inbetween…

  7. GreenFilms IG says:

    i used to have piano lessons and i forgot everything because it was 8 years
    ago but sadly i forgot how to read note and luckly this is just a reminder
    for me 🙂 Thanks!

  8. James Brendan Esconde says:

    The first part, he said 2 hands and each hands have 5 fingers… OF COURSE

  9. James Brendan Esconde says:

    +LessonsOnTheWeb, What is the difference of the note’s line facing up, and
    the note’s line facing down?

  10. Darko Ristanovic says:

    I don’t even own piano. But I want to learn this. Maybe i’ll buy one in the
    future, I’ve played guitar only so far.

  11. SiilentRage says:

    Thank you so much! I know nothing about playing the piano and I want to
    learn it the right way so I’m starting from the bottom and this helps me
    alot! I already play the guitar a bit but I never got to learn the theory
    part wich I regret. So again, I’m starting with from the bottom. My desire
    is to learn the blues on piano so thank you and keep up the good work!

  12. Ruby Mikecah says:

    Thanks for the lesson i had a piano since I was 7 never learned to play it
    till I was 12 last month and I can play music by listening to the melody or
    watching YouTube videos but I’ve never learned to read piano music only
    claraniet so far I’m trying its going great but its very difficult to read
    thanks to clarinet lessons its pretty basic to understand BTW I suddgest u
    guys to hear me singing on YouTube by clicking my profile and plz give me
    some advise because like I said I have no piano or voice coaches so thanks 

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