I used the Unplugged version as inspiration. I know it’s not a song by Nirvana originally, but I was inspired by Nirvana version and made it as a tribute to Kurt. https://www.facebook.com/pages/V…

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24 thoughts on “Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night – piano cover

  1. Jared Brodersen, The Antiquated Poet says:

    Wow, that was outstanding! Between you and Jackie, we might not even need
    singers anymore because you totally captured Kurt’s intensity with just the
    piano. Job well done. I can tell you got a lot of disturbed darkness
    inside, like some of us, and I’m glad you can let it out through music.
    Strange song to post on Easter, but I dig it none of the less. I wish
    you’d write back to let us know you read our comments, but I understand you
    like to keep it private. Keep up the great work.

  2. miang58 says:

    Have you ever considered covering Elliot Smith. I bet you could do a
    beautiful cover of his work.

  3. Peter Olson says:

    Shared this and dared anyone to not sing along to it while watching. Can
    someone please do a mash up with just Kurt’s vocals?

  4. Kharn Kaluza says:

    please VK. Can you play “sister golden hair” by america. I can play the
    lead on piano (and it sounds good on piano) but not the rythme. We need
    your skills. And this nirvana song came through soo good on piano. Amazing

  5. Kevin M says:

    You are incredible. Never stop. My fave to this day is your cover of
    “Master of Puppets”. Keep rockin’

  6. blank says:

    “OH yeah, this guy representing the leadbeelly estate, wants to sell me
    leadbelly’s guitar for $500,000….”

  7. PianoMania says:

    Check my piano covers on my channel 😉
    I Just uploaded Skyrim cover !
    Also you will like my Game of Thrones main theme ;)

  8. P.L. Music says:

    Great Cover as always, please make a cover of queen’s song “don’t stop me

  9. yasmine rodriguez says:

    Ahhh you pick good music to cover Vika…! Although this is a cover of a
    cover… Haha

  10. flake-ice says:

    Здорово играешь! Душевный плачь… Не раскисай, всё будет хорошо!

  11. Jack Kehoe says:

    In the Dark … of my mind there’s a light I find, but won’t bind.

    In my mind, I rewind but again and again I still can’t find any reason or

    Is this light mine, is it lying, is this feeling of light fading away while
    dieing ?

    Either way ..
    ….I will play…
    …… t his pain away.

    Maybe hours, … could be days… weeks or years,
    No Fear … this dark will disappear.

    And never fear … to let the world hear.

    My loud will shatter any dark clouds away.

    Sumnyy sad …..Beware …

    Maybe in a few hours I may play something louder.

    (Vika, yakshcho vam ne prodobayet sya…. vydalyaty. … havala. …
    spasybi )

  12. Chris Rose says:

    You are an inspiration and discouragement to me because I know I’ll never
    be as good as you but I can dam well try

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