Liam Gallagher has stayed largely outside the spotlight since he announced the sudden demise of Beady Eye last October. However, hmo’s Oasis singer resurfaced earlier this week in an Irish pub, where Gallagher treated bar patrons to a impromptu concert that featured the unveiling of an new song. The as-yet-untitled track, recorded at Charleston bar on July 26th, also seems to include a passing mention of the his brother Noel Gallagher, NME reports.

On the acoustic track, Gallagher sings, “When I awaken and I hear you say / There’s no love worth chasing yesterday.” That lyric is reportedly directed at Noel Gallagher’s Flying Birds, who released his newest LP Chasing Yesterday in March. The brothers have famously been at odds considering that the dissolution of Oasis during 2009, although Noel Gallagher did express remorse over Liam’s Beady Eye coming with an end.

While it’s unclear what Liam Gallagher has planned next – NME writes the singer’s rep denied rumors of an solo LP inside the works – Noel Gallagher has admitted he’d consider reuniting Oasis if your price was right. The guitarist took to say that your reunion is “always a chance,” nevertheless it will come right down to who’s offering what.

“I’ve been inside the same room as Liam, and in some cases then nobody’s said, ‘Weren’t Oasis great? You should reform.'” Gallagher said in January. “But if I was ever planning to do it, it’d only be for cash. This isn’t me putting against eachother there, incidentally. Would I take action for charity? No way. We’re not really that kind of people. For Glastonbury? I don’t think [organizer] Michael Eavis seems to have enough money. But would we back together 1 day? As long as most people are still alive whilst still being has their hair, it’s always a chance. But only for the investment.”

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