Drake has fired another salvo as part of his feud with Meek Mill from then on rapper called Drake’s “Charged Up” diss track “baby lotion soft.” Three days later, Drake has responded again with “Back to Back Freestyle,” then there is nothing soft or vague concerning this diss track as being the Toronto rapper lays into Meek Mill.

The cruelest barbs in “Back to Back Freestyle” come when Drake tries to emasculate Meek Mill for being opening act for his girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint Tour. “You love her then you definately gotta supply the world to her / Is that some sort of tour or maybe your girl’s tour?/ I know which you gotta be considered a thug on her / This ain’t what she meant when she informed you to open up more,” Drake says. (Incidentally, Meek Mill appeared 90 minutes late and was promptly booed in the event the Pinkprint Tour hit Drake’s native Toronto Tuesday night.)

Drake then takes concentrate on Meek Mill’s decision to beef through social networking. “Trigger fingers consider Twitter fingers,” Drake raps. “You’re getting bodied using a singing nigga.” Drake then warns all his “boss bitches” – but likely Minaj especially – “make sure you hit him using a pre-nup.”

The feud between Drake and Meek Mill is a result of Mill’s accusations that Drake employed a ghostwriter for his guest verse on “R.I.C.O.,” a track off Meek Mill’s new album Dreams Worth More Than Money. An Atlanta rapper named Quentin Miller was then recognized as Drake’s ghostwriter, though Miller and Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib denied the ghostwriting allegations.

“When I look back, I might be mad that I gave this attention / But it’s weighing heavy on my own conscience / And fuck, you left me without options,” Drake says for the new track. “I’m undecided what it was that made y’all mad / But I guess this is exactly what I gotta do today to make y’all rap.”

Meek Mill previously shared his or her own Drake “diss track” titled “Beautiful Nightmare” which just featured 15 seconds of moaning.

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