Subscribe to Oney Music! ▻ I hope this isn’t too weird. Music buffs will pros kick my ass for posting something that teaches music without learning notes n shit but oh well.

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25 thoughts on “Music Theory made STUPIDLY easy – PART 1 – Notes, Chords and Melodies

  1. Dylstew2 says:

    +Bethany Solomon Yeah, because a swear ruins all the useful information of
    the entire video. Besides, it’s Oney, what did you expect?

  2. edgeblade77 says:

    I know oney is really goofy and everything, but this is actually a really
    good video to learn basic music theory. What he explained in about 11 1/2
    minutes took my college professor half the semester to teach. XD

  3. Gnarbro TaKa says:

    B & E notes don’t have sharps because literally, C & F are the sharp notes
    for B & E. Same thing works the other way around. C Flat is B, and F flat
    is E.

  4. David A says:

    The video has been blocked thing was fucking hilarious. My reaction was,”
    Oh come on I wanted to learn music theory!” Anyway love your channel,
    Chris. You need to keep uploading hellbenders and stuff.

  5. Ailuri Catbear says:

    I’ve been playing trombone almost my whole life in pep bands and symphonic
    bands, yet I’m still watching this since because Oney.

  6. Andrew McCombs says:

    So does the piano come free with the subscription, or do I have to sit
    through a timeshare presentation first? Billy Joel Osmont.

  7. CrazyRiverOtter says:

    It’s the only music theory video I’ve found with the word “stupidly” in the

    It’s also the only music theory video I’ve found where neither the viewer
    nor the instructor is taken for being stupid.

  8. Hilary Rampey says:

    This is fantastic. And even through the jokes and sarcasm (which I actually
    appreciated), I can tell that you know what you’re talking about and that
    there’s a lot of room for me to learn here. Thank you!

  9. Slug of Borg says:

    “Bitch Elephants don’t have sharps”
    That is, no joke, the only time this rule is stuck.
    And I hate you for it.
    Now, when even I reflect upon this rule, I will see that morbid elephant
    getting it’s tusks ripped off, and will slowly desensitize me to brutality
    of the Ivory Trade over time.
    This video has turned me into that much worse of a person.

  10. Shekinah Anderson says:

    Minus the races jokes and the overused profanity, there was a lot of
    helpful tips in this video 🙂 thank you for sharing

  11. Harrison Power says:

    Every time I feel the need to educate myself musically, I go to this video
    and try to memorize it’s contents.

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