Mumford and Sons — Little Lion Man Piano Arrangement by Patrick Wu Share on Facebook:…

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21 thoughts on “Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man Piano Notes

  1. Paddy Wu says:

    @KevinCcheesefish My apologies, I thought it was posted, but I must have
    forgot. I’ll put it up now. Check the site.

  2. Noxacatan says:

    I’m unable to download the file. Whenever I click on the link it takes me
    to a new page, and just starts playing the song through Quicktime. What
    should I do? I really want to learn this song 🙂

  3. Paddy Wu says:

    @Noxacatan Sure thing. 🙂 Right click and save the file to your desktop.
    Then download synthesia and install it. Open synthesia and the file should
    be able to open from within the program. Let me know if you are still
    having trouble, or if there is a problem with the link. Good luck, have fun.

  4. Paddy Wu says:

    @ChristinaaaMcArthurr Your best option is to get the MIDI off my site and
    play at whatever speed suits you. I normally will only post one music notes
    video. Everything is free… check description for link. Good luck.

  5. tylerskier says:

    Well, i was planning on learning this for a girl to try and fix our
    relationship, fuck it shes a bitch anyway

  6. diego de la puente says:

    can you please do the ER theme. its a kinda old doctors show with a wicked

  7. RandomChocolate008 says:

    Doesn’t this go too fast at the start.. “Rate yourself and rake yourself,
    and take all the courage you have left” then poof “IT WAS NOT MY…”
    Yeah… Is it just me? o.o

  8. Danique Rietmeijer says:

    Hi, i’ve downloaded synthesia and soms MIDI’s from your site but can you
    please tell me how to connect a digital piano to a laptop ’cause i would
    love to play it om my piano instead of my laptop. Thanx

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