Hear myself perform the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-P7gl4pBXg&feature=youtu.be Watch these cool people play it live! https://www.youtube.com/watch…

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24 thoughts on “Movie Themes for Brass Quintet Sheet Music

  1. nintendorules1993 says:

    agreed… I use notation software but i try to write it how i want a live
    version to sound not how i want the notation software to sound

  2. laurensvanbart says:

    There are not real high notes for the trumpet, even the highest C in this
    piece isn’t that difficult to reach.

  3. Bob Marley says:

    Someone else said it in a kind of dickish way but he was right: you need to
    look at some actual brass quintet music. A lot of this is notated very
    poorly and many of the parts you write, namely for the first trumpet, are
    completely unfeasible. Only some of the best trumpet players in the world
    could handle that. You have a cool sound going and your horn part is good
    (are you a horn player?) but you could stand to take an orchestration class
    or two.

  4. Forest Kunkel says:

    I love all your arrangements, and I saw that you have arranged Avenger’s
    too, and I was wondering if you could add Avenger’s to this arrangement.

  5. Jack Harkness says:

    Hey I was thinking about recording myself doing brass quintets sometime in
    the near future. Is it ok if i use your quintets to help me get started?

  6. Stephan Trombonese says:

    The low eb in the Incredibles, in the trombone part, is’n playable without
    an attachment.

  7. Dave Cotgreave says:

    hey guys, anyone know where i can get a individual percussion chart for

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