This time, it’s the mission impossible theme song, not by eminem. note names are on screen, fairly simple tune once you get the hang of it. the chords, you m…

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24 thoughts on “Mission Impossible Theme Song – Piano Tutorial w/ Notes on screen

  1. jessica irish says:

    Such a great tutorial do more 🙂 Shame my fingers aren’t long enough to
    reach for a double 🙁

  2. BornToBeWild says:

    PERFECT tutorial, all you tutorials are what beginners like me really need,
    please do a lot more, thank you !

  3. bereddia says:

    Ok. Great tutorial. Loved it, but…..
    The chords are a bit confusing. The bottom note should be on the bottom and
    that C# should really be a Db.
    Other than that, Great! 

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