y0 guys. So after recent ‘drama’ I noticed that ‘Viducuber’ hadn’t been given credit for this. I’ve been rather ill since this was posted. No harm done. http…

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25 thoughts on “Minecraft – Skyrim Main Theme

  1. Bau Kim says:

    Cause I love you guys more than I do the people on facebook. 😛

    Minecraft people always seem to amaze me with the shit they come up with.

    Minecraft – Skyrim Main Theme

  2. Alanzo Conner says:

    And the suuuun, shall a-RIIIISE, when the daaaark, dragon liiiiies,
    Silenced forever, AND THEEEEEEN!!! Fair Skyrim will be free From foul
    AAAAAAALDUIIN’S BAAWWWW!! Dragonborn, Dragonborn, by his honor is sworn, to
    forever keep evil at bay, And the fiercest foes rout, when they hear
    triumph’s shout, Dragonborn, for your, blessings we pray….

  3. somersice says:

    This is the most complicated note block song I’ve heard yet! Nice job! You
    do both minecraft and skyrim justice.

  4. ServerBoost100 says:

    I used to make bad Arrow to the knee jokes like you, but then I took an
    arrow to the kn…. Oh wait… That was a bad Arrow to the knee joke.

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