Sheet Music for Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. For original instruments: Vocals, 2 Synthesizers, Bass Guitar and Drums. Revised PDF:…

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25 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – Billie Jean Sheet Music

  1. blackhitman12 says:

    It was all good until 3:18, the synth brass went way off, that part should
    be played like “C sharp C sharp B A C sharp”, everything else was perfect,
    except that I was kinda hoping for more instruments especially the
    cello-like instrument when the “for forty days and forty nights…” part
    kicks in. nevertheless, still one of the best Billie Jean recreations on
    youtube, and I think I’ve seen them all.

  2. PrefectionistsMusic says:

    Apologies because I am a self taught musician and this was done all by ear.
    Its just a couple of sharps and flats that might be dropped while I was
    transposing it from a bass clef to a treble clef. The “cello-like”
    instrument was substituted by the Synth brass. There is at least 15 total
    instruments which each barely occurs for 3 bars in the real song. If I made
    a track for all of them, you’d be seeing blank tracks half the time and it
    wouldn’t even fit on the aspect ratio of the video.

  3. nenina nastasi says:

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  4. HenriTrakinasXD says:

    This is great! You actually got the biggest part of the notes and rythym
    right! I know that 3 year have passed and you probably learned a lot, but
    just in case you didn’t, search for key signatures (the song is in F#m).
    Also since drums are percussion instruments you don’t need to write the
    legatos for the duration of the sounds. Just place them in time and you’re
    ok =) Thanks for sharing this video with us. Peace

  5. Link d'Hyrule says:

    Thank you for the wonderful video. It’s really gentle that you let free the
    partition =) Go on =)

  6. Dan Laird says:

    Thought this was funny… a “perfectionist” created an elaborate
    introduction to the video but spelt perfectionist wrong lol.

  7. Uh, summa-lumma dooma-lumma says:

    isn’t it easier to do a A major (C#, F#, Ab) instead of writing C#, F#, Ab
    every single time it appears 

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