Sheet Music for Michael Jackson’s Beat it. For Vocals, Synth, 7 Stringed Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar and Drums. PDF:…

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24 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – Beat It Sheet Music

  1. DraculasNephew says:

    Wow, really? The drumset part is easy, but you added ties and shit to make
    it seem more complicated than it really is.

  2. gunit78906 says:

    ppl is thr one for E flat alto saxophone cuz i need one bad plz send me the
    link of so

  3. susz bus says:

    ooo that’s great ! nice that someone gives you notes in Poland are so
    stupid versions that do not like these songs Please, add They Do not Care
    About Us, Dirty Diana and Heal the world I know that many of these songs,
    but I would be eternally grateful 🙂

  4. pablo zapata says:

    exelente arreeglo jantrompeta ,,, felicitaciones ,,, y disculpa que
    programa de escritura utilizas

  5. Amy Biggers says:

    @gunit78906 yeah there is one. It’s arranged by Dallas C. Burke but it is

  6. Craig Denham says:

    Great post. Thanks for posting. Thought the original was actually in Ebm
    though not Em. Was trying to work out some of the guitar notes. Think some
    are generated by the fx pedal as opposed to actually played (especially the
    high harmonics) but great job. Thanks

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