my FB page, with gigs announcements and stuff like that. First video from my new place. Second version of one of…

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23 thoughts on “Metallica – Fade To Black – piano cover version 2

  1. Konstantin Davidenko says:

    Вика, вновь и вновь: сплошное очарование, и как же здорово!

  2. Kartojal says:

    There are people recording with a Mac just to pretend they are more
    “professional”. And then you with Audacity, a completely free program,
    playing this masterpiece, and sounds so good…!!

  3. Fluffy Fred says:

    I was painting my walls and felt a bit depri,i heard my computer say you
    have mail,vkgoeswild new video,when i saw you play you made me smile,i
    hope you never leave youtube,you are soooo gooodd and beautiful,greetzzz
    from the netherlands

  4. squashedeyeball says:

    Yes! Metallica again
    Epic cover. With each year Vika gets more and more awesome, if that is even

  5. Blebleh Bleh says:

    Aaaaw that’s exactly the song i was listening when suddenly “vkgoeswild new
    video” hahaa I’m so proud of me :’)
    You are so much talented that’s just… Amazing ! Please continue foreveeer
    – love from France ^^

  6. Tommy Tindall says:

    Pardon my French, but oh my fucking god, I love you. If it were possible to
    put more emotion into a song than there already was you’ve done it here. I
    might enjoy this even more than your Sweet Child of Mine cover. 

  7. A C says:

    I miss your metallica covers! I’m still amazed your covering all four
    instruments and vocals at once, thank you for sharing your talent!!

  8. does it really matter? says:

    I really wish you’d put these on Spotify or Itunes or something because I
    just want to jam to them all day! 

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