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6 thoughts on “Mary, Did you Know? Pentatonix Choral Sheet Music(5-Part: SATTB)

  1. James Little says:

    This is great! I had just started to do this song in MuseScore but found
    your version online. What did you use to write it out?

  2. maigarette says:

    HI, you are so generous, i loved it! Do you mind if i email you? I am
    looking for a Christmas song/carol for 3 voices (all girls). Hope you may
    help. Thanks! God bless :D

  3. toby way says:

    That’s Perfect!!!!!Once we have done this song we will give a shoutout for
    YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you soooooooooo much

  4. J M says:

    Thanks for this – it’s awesome! Do you have the sheet music in a format
    that will play the individual parts for people to learn? We are planning on
    doing this song in a small group and I was going to enter your version into
    MuseScore to get those, but thought I’d see if you have it before I started
    that. Thanks – what a great song!!

  5. gkrgusqkqh says:

    Hello I’m korean student.
    I can’t English well, so please understand me.. sorry..

    I show your ‘Mary did you know’ Sheet Music in Youtube.

    I’m playing Acapella with Pentatonix songs and I gain music scores in
    Website ‘MuseScore’

    My team want to play ‘Rather be’ by Pentatonix, but I can’t find it and I
    can’t make that score.

    So, if you can, please make ‘Rather be’ Sheet music score.

    I’m so sorry about this ask.

    Thank you

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