I hope you all enjoyed this piano/keyboard beginners tutorial of Let It Go from Frozen. Notes in description of my updated and slower version of this:. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5Rs9dNpJNg&…

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25 thoughts on “Let It GO (Frozen) – Keyboard/ Piano Tutorial Right Hand EASY!

  1. Jonathan Tang says:

    Wow. Although I am still trying to learn this song. It still helped me a
    lot. Thanks. >–|(c:)

  2. thundercupcake says:

    How long have you been playing Piano? By the way do you have a REAL Piano?
    I just straight up HATE keyboards XD. They sound so bad! But good video!

  3. Aneta Drejer says:

    How is anyone supposed to learn how to play this? You aren’t even teaching!
    You are just basically playing. You are going to fast like slow the fuck
    down and take this into consideration! And for the most part, it doesn’t
    even sound like let it go. 

  4. Dante Giello says:

    you are amazing but could you please do another video of this but slow down
    a little bit I am new and not very good if you could it would be very

  5. SeekTruthMedia says:

    No need for the attitude Ethan. Thank you for the up-load Mint Music. If
    you could just slow down a bit it would be absolutely perfect but again
    Thank you, you’re very kind 🙂 

  6. Savannah Stewart says:

    I get so annoyed when people say “she needs to slow down!” or “You go too
    fast!” like you’re watching it on Youtube….you can pause it you know?

  7. elizabeth robinson says:

    Can you maybe write the notes or something finding it hard to keep up
    without the notes to look at thx

  8. BLACKOPSll zombies says:

    +Ethan baylis did you think about slowing down the video instead of being a
    bitch +Mint Music isnt the problem you are instead running your mouth
    ask nicely 

  9. James Mott says:

    You went pretty fast. But instead of swearing and looking stupid i checked
    the description and found the slower version. Thank you for the re do

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