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18 thoughts on ““Let Her Go Piano Tutorial / Sheet Music (Passenger)

  1. julia theobald says:

    Really good!!! Can you please do a tutorial on Daniel in the Den or Laura
    Palmer by Bastille. I would really appreciate it! I have been trying to
    find a tutorial for them but I only found covers. You are such an amazing
    pianist so keep doing what you do! :)

  2. badbadger323 says:

    Adding the notes is really helpful to new guys like me I learned this
    faster then the rest

  3. Paul ONeill says:

    WOW! The right hand is killer, but the song is so pretty it is worth it.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Ashley Ta says:

    Please make a Tutorial on how to make the songs/Chord Progressions
    “Fancier” like you did on the cover and Basic Patterns to play any song

  5. James Guvercin says:

    Please do no1 party anthem by the arctic monkeys. Would love to be able to
    play it. Or if you don’t want to at least listen to it, love your stuff
    keep the good work up.

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