From Learn to Play the Piano, Tips & Tricks – Notes and Chords Together. The focus of this 2 minute tip is helping you play …

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11 thoughts on “Learn to Play the Piano | Tips & Tricks | Notes and Chords Together

  1. Elena sub says:

    As I understand, for beginner it’s enough to know only 2 scales: C and Am.
    Then use the formula: I-IV-V7, which means chords from 1st, 4th and 5th
    notes of the chosen scale (the last one is Seventh chord with added 7th
    note.) For C scale chords are: C-F-G7, for Am scale: Am-Dm-E7. You usually
    start and end a song with 1st chord. Then if a chord have a note, which is
    in a melody part, it will sound right. Hope it helps.

  2. arvind padhiar says:

    C#BAG#F#F# C#BAABB F#G#AF#F#AA……………This are the notes like to
    know what scale in this song?

  3. The Piano Chord Book says:

    Thank you. In order to know what scale a song is in you look at how many
    sharps or flats it has. The number of sharps or flats will tell you what
    scale the song is in. For example, there are no sharps or flats in the C
    scale. So a song with no sharps or flats will likely be in the key of C.
    From the notes you posted, there seems to be 3 sharps (C#, F#, and G#)…

  4. The Piano Chord Book says:

    The scale with 3 sharps is A Major. It is likely that this song is in the A
    scale. However, in order to be certain, we would need to know more notes.
    For example, does the song us D natural, or D#. If D natural, than it is
    certainly A Major. If D#, then it would be the key of E Major. I hope that
    helps. Thanks for watching and God bless!

  5. arvind padhiar says:

    hi thank you very much,i like to know how much for a course step by step
    for beginners? i am in canada .please let me know and i am waiting for next
    lesson, how can i find chord for any given keys?

  6. The Piano Chord Book says:

    Thank you. I do offer an online course that is designed for beginners. You
    can find out more about it by visiting my website, the piano chord book dot
    com. It is called Personalized Piano Instruction and it costs $10 a month.
    As a part of the program, I will work with you to determine your piano
    goals and develop a progressive series of lessons to help you move towards
    that goal. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks again and
    God bless!

  7. lance ramming says:

    Awsome tip!

    Im a beginner and i had to watch 3 times to catch up to what you were
    saying. Maybe you can slow down in future videos. :-)

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