Learn to Play Piano Course Lesson 3: The DIY Course to learn how to play piano; for beginners. Reading notes on and off the staff, note durations, and where …

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25 thoughts on “Learn To Play Piano – Lesson 3: Notes on Keyboard, Note Durations, and Notes on and off the Staff

  1. Stu O'Neill says:

    The note after A above the stave on the treble clef ledger line is a B
    “not” a D as said on this video.

  2. Mshauri David Delem says:

    Highly recommended for beginners and all those intending to self-teach
    themselves Music! Great stuff, I like the lessons broken into bite size

  3. Noha Gamal Enab says:

    Thank You sooooo much 🙂 That really helped!
    I really appreciate your taking the time and effort to share this with us.
    And you are very patient as well ^_^
    Lots of thanks sent your way from Egypt !

  4. Anibal Hernandez says:

    A good app to pratice this exercise is called note trainer. I practiced
    with that app until I became a pro and came back to this video to be ahead.
    It is a very good app and its worth playing it. 

  5. Erick Bryan says:

    Eddie Guerrero – I caught that one too lol. Worried me there for a bit. I
    was all like “MY LIFE IS A LIE~!”

  6. icoolpop12 says:

    The first time I was ever told where the ledge lines were, I was confused.
    This helped me understand them better and their name. Thank you so much!

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