Purchase the printable eBook with all 15 lessons here: http://dev.pianovideolessons.com/note-reading-crash-course/ These lessons are quick, simple and easy to complete. Some tutorials try…

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12 thoughts on “Learn to Play Piano Lesson 15:(All 21 Notes) Sheet Music Note Reading Crash Course

  1. anthonyadolf says:

    thank you so much.have tried to play learning from books and videos,quickly
    lost interest.yours are brilliant,i can finally understand and learn and
    enjoy.thanks again.

  2. PianoVideoLessons says:

    Yes, number 4 is missing, but it doesn’t teach notes, it teaches drawing
    clefs, so you won’t miss anything on reading. Something happened to my
    video and the file was corrupted on my computer. I’ll try to remake it soon!

  3. Geraldo Graças says:

    Finally I’ve found a teacher that teaches with love, with a heart. God
    bless you!! thank you so much.

  4. Anita Emerson Hunter says:

    This is fantastic! I’ve been trying to learn notes since I was 8, but have
    never been successful. Thank you so much for making it easy AND fun to

    Where did you get your paper and blue & red dots? I would love to get some
    of those to practice with. Thanks!

  5. MadDeuceJuice says:

    Thanks so much for these its like having a free personal piano teacher whom
    you can rewind as many times as needed. When you sight-read, do you keep
    track of all the letters and them transcribe them to the keys in real time
    or do you simply attribute staff notation to your fingers subconsciously?
    I’m asking because I am having trouble locating keys and attributing a
    letter all simultaneously :S

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