Learn to Play Piano Course Lesson 1: The DIY Course to learn piano for beginners.. Topics Covered: Introduction to the staff, note reading, and the musical a…

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21 thoughts on “Learn to Play Piano – Lesson 1: Learning how to read music

  1. Tim lundberg says:

    I don’t have a book to read from. I use all the keys on the normal computer
    keyboard and printed all the leters to a 61 key piano keyboard and then i
    read the songs from internet and then just press what each letter stand.

  2. Sacer Ktracho says:

    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks, man i finally understand a lot of things..!!!
    I’m a beginner on the piano and dying to learn.

  3. TheNov11979 says:

    Hi. I got a big piano last year for my birthday which was nov. 1st. I’m a
    little slow with learning things because of my disabilities. I’ve been
    practicing for a while now.the letters A B C D E F G, I am doing fine with
    those. No problem. I can’t afford a piano teacher. I need help learning to
    read actual music sheets. The numbers and symbols, I don’t know. Can u help
    me? Thank u.

  4. perplexualKXERA☯ says:

    I play saxophone so I already read treble clef but when I learned trombone
    I meet learned bass clef

  5. Kimber-lee G says:

    Once I get my piano in a month i’ll keep watching you to help me learn. It
    was really helpful, thx ! <3

  6. Deirdre McCray says:

    I think you just opened my eyes to a subject that was completely foreign to
    me. It’s amazing how a good, patient teacher can enlighten any willing
    student. Thank you, I really want to play Heart and Soul, Good King
    Wenceles and Some Other Time, with your excellent help, I’m on my way.

  7. Julia Espinoza says:

    Thank you so much! Very easy to follow. I’m going to watch this with my

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