Lesson 13 in the DIY learn to play piano series. This lesson covers playing major triads that start with a white note. The purpose of this lesson is to just …

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22 thoughts on “Learn to play piano 13 – Playing Major Chords on White Notes – Fixed Version

  1. LessonsOnTheWeb says:

    Hey faithful subscribers! I have redone Lesson 13 since the first version
    had some minor sound issues. Why? Because I love you all. I am looking into
    what is causing this problem to avoid it in the future. -Tim

  2. owly says:

    Hi! The fingering positions of B Major chords seems very forced. I had
    problems placing the fingers of that way and was very uncomfortable. Some
    advice for that? One advice about these series, if you dont mind: will you
    ‘send homeworks’? By example: practice a easy piece or something like that.
    Would be fine during breaks until you upload a new video. I’m very excited
    with those videos, hope you continue and thanks you so much =)

  3. LessonsOnTheWeb says:

    About the homework assignments. I can absolutely add those in. I have been
    thinking about that for awhile. Now that people are watching the videos, it
    will be more than worth my time. Thanks for watching! -Tim

  4. mohammad fouad says:

    hello mr. i saw your all video and im keep moving you are my best teacher
    but i have on question what is your tips to me if im studying all this and
    write it down on my sheet but i dont have a piano ” i cant buy one at this
    time ” thank you hope you replay me

  5. Maria Torres says:

    There’s a typo in the annotation at the first secs of the video. It says 12
    is the next video, should say 14 Thanks for the lessons 😀

  6. LessonsOnTheWeb says:

    hmm, I would buy a keyboard of some kind, or at least find a neighbor,
    church, etc that does have a keyboard or piano. You can probably find an
    older keyboard on craigslist or a yard sale for pretty cheep. Until you can
    afford one, you can practice reading notes so that you can hit the ground
    running when you do get a keyboard.

  7. Jacquie Watkins says:

    Hi! Learning lots from your lessons… quick question: how do you know
    which note in the triad will be the sharp? It looks like it’s in line with
    all three notes. Is the sharp supposed to be on the same line as its
    corresponding note? Maybe it’s just hard to see on camera…

  8. jaslawrence says:

    Thank you for uploading your tutorials! I’ve always been told i’m talented
    at piano the way i am, but i know i need lessons to break any bad habits i
    have and learn all the basics! So I really appreciate your videos!

  9. Lluís Pinet says:

    Thanks in advance for your very professional and helpful lessons. I have a
    doubt. When I play a C Major scale, my ear can perfectly recognize a Major
    scale. However, when a play a C Major scale by means of Major Chords,
    instead individual keys, it seems that the piano is not in tune. Am I doing
    or expecting something wrong?

  10. danny13234 says:

    Can you tell me why staffs are so small on sheet music? I’m having trouble
    sometimes in knowing if the note is on a line or in between the line and no
    I don’t need glasses haha. I think it would of been better if they were
    made a little bigger in all sheet music.

  11. minh nguyen says:

    Thank you so much. These lessons gave me a reason to buy a digital piano
    and start learning.

  12. BrycenGwms says:

    OMG thank you so much man I really want to become a good piano player…
    I’m only on this video so maybe they will be good like your other videos!!!
    … I got a question can u mention me in one of your videos? My name is
    brycen and I really think u r a good piano player

  13. trevortjes says:

    I learned to play piano all by my self but instead of using my 3rd finger
    for the middle note in a triad, I use my 2nd finger… Now I have to learn
    all over again to make triads with my third finger… Will it take long to
    get used to? 

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