full song no chords, just the melody slowly played notes on keyboard.

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25 thoughts on “Learn to play Fur elise on Piano

  1. MOHH2COD4 says:

    The thing you do at the start is not correct. DO NOT replicate what he/she
    is doing here, it is a bad technique.

  2. Mak3rful says:

    @hotmess786 you should get a real piano and stop memorizing what the piano
    plays and shows which notes to play 😉

  3. trinity morris says:

    first of all he is doing it slow so we can see what he is playing second of
    all he is playing with one hand 3ed of all he is holding a camera and 4th
    of all no one cares that your a fast learner

  4. rocha365408 says:

    You should try using A minor…but I guess this a good way for a beginner
    to play, putting letters on the keyboard.

  5. loveWinxClub100 says:

    can you shut up? and no can’t get 7 different females to tell him that you
    are right and i am a female

  6. Tatianna Floyd says:

    You guys need to shut up about him if he have a left had yes he can use it
    but did it ever ocurrre to you that he’s probably holding the camera in his
    left hand and he is only teaching the beginner stuff for all the people who
    just started playing this song so you guys need to stop commenting bad
    stuff about this video

  7. Ashtmi Deo says:

    THANK U SOOOOOO MUCH GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a complete beginner trying to
    play fur elise the simple way n thnx for showing me how i am supposed to
    move my hands

  8. Victorya Davis says:

    It’s funny how people come to learn fur elise on piano and don’t know how
    to play it but then tell the person their playing it wrong. 

  9. Catty Candifloss says:

    Umm not very good but I guess we’ll done and it was only your write hand
    plying u should of had both hand why didn’t u get it write I ask u this
    please practise then post a good video ok !!!

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