For a free printout to practice learning them visit This video teaches you the names of the piano keys and …

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25 thoughts on “Learn Piano: The Piano Key Names. Easiest way ever!!! Tutorial (Easy) HD

  1. Mary VL says:

    Thank you for such a simple way to memorize the keys!! That makes it so
    much easier! Now I can take my little sticky letters off my keys!

  2. Peter Koti says:

    Thank you for making this video! Very clear to pick out the letters now
    when I think about where they are on the piano. Are you able to make a
    video to explain the difference in major / minor scale chords? Love the
    video great job :)

  3. Horseez TWB says:

    As a kid always wanted to play piano, but due to the situation never got a
    chance… Now I’m 27 and can afford stuff but… should I be ashamed to
    start learning now? You know, probably some of my classmate’s kids are
    learning same stuff. Anyway, your tutorials are great.

  4. Garry Burgess says:

    I’m going to use this method to teach my grandkids. Thanks for the
    brilliant lesson super duper piano teacher.

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