This is my arrangement of “Warriors” from LoL’s new video, with music composed by Imagine Dragons. Hope you like it! =) Sheet music: Please support…

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24 thoughts on “League of Legends – Warriors (Piano cover) + SHEET MUSIC

  1. Ramen says:

    This new LoL video was almost as good as last year’s “Road to the Cup”

  2. Ibrahim Saleh Moussa says:

    +Taioo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get us the sheet music 🙁 This is by far the
    best cover up here! Love your work, keep it up!

  3. TheDiamondRanger27 says:

    One thought came to me while I listened to this game, they need a machine
    that detects your movements so your character moves and that you see it
    like if you are playing a video game or in the characters’ vision (without
    hurting you eye vision while playing the video game). Also, you could feel
    the pain in some parts but reduced to the minimal of 25%. Edit: You can
    also feel what your character feels would be nice. 

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