Big shout out to LilyPichu! I based my arrangement off of hers. Hope you enjoy! ▭▭▭▭▭▭…

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25 thoughts on “League of Legends – The Curse of the Sad Mummy – Piano Cover

  1. ImGrizzlyHD says:

    Kyle can I please get a reply, I’ve been having a bad week lately and I
    love watching your live streams and videos, but all I’m asking is can I get
    a hi or something, I would cry if you did. Thanks Kyle, keep doing what
    you’re doing ♥

  2. AxlRosie91 says:

    Very beautifully played. I love it how you took your time and played it
    slowly on the slower sections, as opposed to getting it slightly rushed as
    I’ve seen it played out there. It really translates Amumu’s sadness and
    hopelessness very well. Very heartfelt climax and a cold, cruel and
    beautiful ending. <3

  3. DrakosLord says:

    Wow, this is… beautiful, that’s it. No other words come to my mind. This
    is really f*cking beautiful…!!

  4. David Zero says:

    You inspire me to keep on practicing piano. At first I was jealous of your
    insane skill, I’ll never be as good as you but watching you play so
    elegantly and so beautifully makes me want to be able to do that too. I
    practice every day and I feel like the fact that I’m self taught is what is
    holding me back. Still though this is an amazing piece I could hear the
    lyrics as you played it so perfectly. Also do you play league or was this
    just a suggestion for you?

  5. LilyPichu says:

    Ahhh your arrangement is way more beautiful ;w; great job! one day i’ll be
    good as you.. v(=^0^=)v

  6. Iván Guerberoff says:

    This is amazing! Like all your covers.
    Amumu is my main jungler and this song fits perfectly to him.
    Congratulations. Keep it up!

  7. FireAngel843 says:

    Beautifully played! When I listen to you playing, I can just close my eyes
    and drift into a deep slumber.. <3 Keep up the good work! You have been a
    big inspiration for me all these years! I wish I could be as good as you.

    I do have a request ( if you do requests..) There's this beautiful sad song
    if you can perform for me. it's called "Promise of Heaven" from one of my
    old favorite MMORPGs: MapleStory. I would really appreciate it. Thank you
    again for all of your inspiration and I hope that one day you will have a
    grand concert here in San Antonio! ^__^

    A fellow pianist,
    FireAngel843 (aka Rima K.)

  8. Joshua Lonsako says:

    My goodness it is really nice to hear a great cover of a great song. You’ve
    definitely done the original justice. Well done!

  9. Asfandyar Khan says:

    Kyle, is there any chance of us getting the notes for this? You “Passion”
    cover is what inspired me to learn piano again, and I eventually bought a
    P-120 based on your praise for it 😀

    I’d love for this to be my 2nd song of yours that I learn ^-^

  10. Wagner Junior says:

    Kyle, could you play “Piano” from Bebu Silvetti? Your arrangements are so
    beautiful and this song means a lot to me because this was the first song
    that I learned to play on piano. This song was composed by Bebu Silvetti
    however it got really famous with the version of Raúl Di Blasio.

    I hope you enjoy playing it.

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