Presenting Lady Gaga The Edge of Glory Sheet Music, a page about the song which is the third single from the album Born This Way, published May 9, 2011 on iTunes and YouTube channel of the artist as one of the first two promotional singles (with Hair) and then published as single officer as the success of digital sales. The output of the single has been announced by the same Lady Gaga on Twitter, along with the cover.

Score and Notation

Lady Gaga, The Edge Of Glory Piano Sheet Music, Notation

Gaga, interviewed by Marissa Mayer, said that The Edge of Glory is one of his favorite tracks of the album, it contains a part for saxophone played by the E Street Band member Clarence Clemons and is inspired by the death of the grandfather of singer-songwriter, the who explained that it speaks “of your last moments on earth, the moment of truth, the moment before leaving the earth.” The pace is fast, away from the darker nature of many of the songs associated with the Born This Way, and shows the influence of contemporary pop music and jazz music of the eighties and nineties.

After the success of digital in the store, Lady Gaga and his staff have decided to choose this as the third official single.

Criticism of the song

Rolling Stone wrote: “This might sound crazy in the press – this song is a power ballad with some club beats and the saxophonist Clarence Clemons of the late participation, but somehow it seems quite normal when you hear it. There is an element bland, but it is absolutely charming and catchy. If one of the new songs Gaga deserves to be a great success, is this. The inclusion of Clemons is an inspired touch that enhances the atmosphere of stadium rock of the ’80s, but his Performance is amazing and is one of the best of her career.”

Official Video

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