25 thoughts on “Katy Perry Last Friday Night (TGIF) Sheet Music for Piano

  1. xOnlyGirlxX says:

    i am gonna listen to this song hole day ! 🙂 who is with me?
    let’s go for 200,000,000 views !

  2. LuckyMusiqLive says:

    My girlfriend just passed away.. this was her favorite song.. she never got to hear the song I made for her, so I posted my music video “Pumpin'” to my channel because it was her dream for the world to hear a song dedicated to her, check it out guys, thanks.. i love you babe!

  3. Beckiiiis says:

    @xmenfan07 aah.. well thank you for your polite answer 🙂 now I don’t have to wonder about that anymore..

  4. KatyCats1000 says:

    KatyCats !

    We MUST get “The One That Got Away” to #1 on Billboard Hot100! This will be her 6th #1 single of the album, making her the only person in the HISTORY to do so.

    So don’t just sit there N wait for it to go #1, actually make it happen!
    Keep buying the song on ITUNE (don’t need to download until finis. just cancel N down again N again) and daily request it on the radio!

    Thumbs up and LET’S MAKE HISTORY!!!

  5. MeSoNinja3 says:

    I like how the parents let their daughter go back to sleep with that shirtless guy(: My parents would roast him lol and me… O.o

  6. anandagee says:

    okay ill share that with you, its twisted and freaky but you`ll

    love it!!

    go on:




  7. Lucasmkltbnxz says:

    Here Without You (A short film made with The Sims 3, by Lucas David) -> watch?v=Lx17Ce6qejo
    Please, give a “thumbs up” and help me promote it! 🙂

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