Music and Lyrics by John Lennon. Transcribed by Alex L and Sibelius 6. Copyright © PrefectionistsMusic 2010. PDF:…

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13 thoughts on “John Lennon – Imagine (Sheet Music)

  1. Mista117 says:

    I find this 3 days after i make my own version from scratch *sigh* haha,
    either way well done =]

  2. aklinci says:

    Very good but why did u not use bass clef ..these notes are very messy and
    hard to read for me.

  3. Briksil says:

    I am fairly certain the 2nd piano part at the beginning was never in the
    version John Lennon played. Why the conflicting rhythms between the two

  4. 123animalcrazy says:

    if the whole world followed the lyrics to this song then everything would
    be peaceful and everyone would be in harmony….if only. 🙁

  5. Dan Brown says:

    dude this a pretty terrible transcription, at least in the melody, I
    haven’t checked the rest of it. You often have notes on the completely
    wrong beat. After you do a play in, you have to go through and correct the
    score, cause the technology transcribing your performance isn’t quite
    perfected yet, in either Sibellius or Finale.

  6. sbradjoker says:

    No, we would end up like China or Russia! They tried what this song is
    about, and look how they turned out! Don’t get me wrong, this song is
    amazing, but the meaning of this song is just a fail in reality.

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