Virtual Sheet Music presents the famous Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D for two violins (duet) . Subscribe to our chan…

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25 thoughts on “Johann Pachelbel’s, Canon in D, two violins (duet) sheet music – Video Score

  1. sd47ful says:

    you should put the note letter on to of each note like for instance twinkle
    twinkle little star d d a and so on to make easier but i not being mean
    it’s just a thought for begginers i’m not a begginer buy any ways well done

  2. Virtual Sheet Music says:

    Glad that this helped you out! Feel free to post a video response of you
    performing this piece ….

  3. JuanDVene says:

    I know he wrote more, but I can’t find any. My last Orchestra teacher said
    that his pieces were lost to history.

  4. Virtual Sheet Music says:

    Glad that you enjoyed this! Please feel free to check out all of our other
    video that we have posted!

  5. Heather Black says:

    that was so… so… beautiful…. I feel like I wanna play the violin
    now!!!! (I dunno how)

  6. Zachary ShadowWielder says:

    I really enjoy this piece, from the way it sounds, to the way it is played.
    I was so inspired by this piece, Me and my friend actually played this duet
    for the orchestra. It was very challenging but at the end, it turned out
    that we were able to pull through it, after three years of playing with my
    friend, we were up for anything now. I really enjoyed playing this piece,
    and I hope the rest of you will.

  7. Virtual Sheet Music says:

    @Zachary ShadowWielder Glad you enjoy! Please feel free to check out the
    other videos that we have posted! Do you have any video of your guys
    performing this particular piece? If so, you should link this in the

  8. Maddie Sweeney says:

    I want to play this in a weeding but I don’t know of anyone that I know of
    having a weeding.

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