19 thoughts on “Jeena Jeena – Atif Aslam (Badlapur) Piano Tutorial | Chords | Notations | 10 Magical Fingers

  1. Harsh Agrawal says:

    As expected , fab tutorial..
    Srsly i have no basic ideas of piano nd i play perfectly (both hands) , all
    credit goes to you
    Thumbs up

    Tysm for such a grt help :

  2. utkarsh ranjan says:

    By far the best tutorials on youtube please keep on making tutorial videos
    . Because of you i learnt to play with both hands arppegios and advanced
    version of it

  3. shamim basar says:

    plz help Me with sound quality.. How do u record such a Gud quality?? I
    have a psr172 jist hve problms with the sound quality.. Plzz Help..

  4. sargun kohli says:

    superb tutorial !! I didn’t even knew the ‘ABC’ of piano ….but after
    watching your magnificent tutorials, I can play even the toughest of
    arpeggios along with the melody on a piano…. All the credit goes to you..
    Thank you so much!!!!

  5. Pahul Wadhwa says:

    As thought n waited for the awesome tutorial … Its just beautiful…. Ur
    way of taking chords helped me to identify the scales n play the song …
    Ur previous tutorials taught me how to take arpeggios n that’s what i
    wanted …
    U r just marvelous man… 

  6. Venky Rao says:

    Sir really respect u a lot…..please sir take me as ur student …and help
    me out in growing…..

  7. Shwetankk Bhalaykar says:

    dude this is the best tutorial i have ever found on net …i am a beginner
    …still i played this song mellifluously …all cause of you…thank you
    so much for uploading such great tutorials …you rock….

  8. Pritesh 9768775447 says:

    Right hand a sound buzz…..model of your pinao ??? Please upload more
    video we will so thanxx full for u ….

  9. Salvi Verma says:

    Wao, I just discovered your channel and its amazing, your tutorials are the
    best ,, I just subscribed ! And I am definitely going to share it ! 😀

    Can you do Tere Bin Nahin Laage from Ek Paheli Leela on Piano please…Its
    my favorite song at the moment .

    Thanks and Keep it up 

  10. The Good Things says:

    This is awesome! Only a few people post such type of tutorials for hindi
    songs.. Keep up the good work! 

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