Want to play Jazz piano? Learn some jazz tips on playing rub notes in this free video clip on jazz piano tips. Expert: Austin McBride Bio: Austin McBride has…

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25 thoughts on “Jazz Piano : How to Play Jazz Rub Notes

  1. Mitch Myers says:

    Never heard of the terms “rub note” or “slip note” …. and neither has

  2. kenjibeast says:

    What the fuck is this clown talking about? This motherfucker obviously
    doesn’t know shit about jazz.

  3. pobz100 says:

    Oh jeez, this guy is an idiot. He hasn’t a clue. All his videos are like
    this and he has no idea what he is talking about. Slip and Rub note. WTF?
    AUSTIN MCBRIDE – Please delete your videos, ALL OF THEM Before someone
    takes them seriously.

  4. prodigy4u says:

    Sorry but as a Jazz pianist myself, I feel though this video may be a good
    effort, the way you defined terms and displayed them would end up causing a
    beginning player to develop a very limited understanding of concepts which
    they would have to spend more time redeveloping in the future due to not
    being introduced correctly in the get go. Also, just because something has
    a 7th doesn’t make it jazz. Bach used 7ths, Chopin used 7ths… I’d suggest
    passing this endeavor to a true expert.

  5. 3wrongnotes says:

    errm, hes taking the mick…im suprised that people dont notice that. im
    not suprised that expert village havent noticed it for a year however

  6. yue55 says:

    This is incredible! After watching this I know how to play just like Bud
    Powell!! Bud was the master of the rub note!!! Next please do a video about
    the use of “chromantics” in the music of Bill Evans.

  7. Austin Howard says:

    I wonder if Expert Village pays him to embarrass himself, or if he does it
    for fun

  8. susan johnson says:

    What’s with the subtitles that block the entire view of everything? It’s
    extremely unlikely that a deaf person is searching for piano lessons on

  9. Matt Simon says:

    Rub note? No its a dominant chord, shouyld know that being a ‘jazz player’
    Slip note? He’s just making this shit up

  10. ninjaassassin27 says:

    do i count 138,000 videos???? does youtube make them pay for their own
    server??? thats just too much.

  11. BlueinGreen2 says:

    Haha this guy is good. Guys, it’s a joke. Don’t get angry, he’s not
    serious. But he is a cock, though.

  12. Lennart Van Praet says:

    Yeah well… I don’t know… guess a joke is what it is… but what a waste
    of time ! Aren’t there better ways of joking ? Even the Internet’s got
    better jokes… much better jokes… God…

  13. Criticalperspective2 says:

    Man, this is complete balls. I don’t know how Youtube let’s you post this

  14. Courtney Bryce Hilton says:


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