Jason Derulo – Want To Want Me: http://youtu.be/g5cRwFR8LR8 Jason Derulo feat. Tyga – Bubblegum 100%: http://youtu.be/bN2I7eYGvug Jason Derulo feat. Tyga – Bubblegum 50%: …

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25 thoughts on “Jason Derulo – Trumpets Tutorial (How To Play On Piano)

  1. Hastings Buses says:

    Great job sam, as always! Do you mind if you put the link to the midi onto
    your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Here as that would be much appreciated! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  2. ASHMANcodGOD says:

    SAM! Help! There is your version and another version on YouTube! Which one
    is completely right? Help! Thankyou!

  3. ROAR the dancer says:

    Thanks for making this! I don’t like the lyrics of the song but I love the
    instrumentation and I’ve been meaning to play this on the piano.

  4. Michael Bonner says:

    Can you put a tutorial up for let your heart go by the dream and TI. It has
    really cool piano chords and sound. Thank you in advance. 

  5. Kyler Schreier says:

    hey me and me band director are looking for midi files of certain songs to
    play at our bball games. i was wondering if you could send me the file to
    this song

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