24 thoughts on “Jarrod Radnich – Virtuosic Piano Solo – Pirates of the Caribbean

  1. Cachito clips says:

    Seriously… Who can dislike this? More than a thousand people? I can’t get
    it… By the way, amazing piano solo… Congratulations!

  2. Chris Hall says:

    Is this song in double time in 6/8? I don’t understand the triplet feel
    doesn’t match with my feet in the initial part but later it does and feels
    slower? help

  3. Елена Коломийченко says:

    Главная музыкальная тема к х/ф “Пираты Карибского моря”. Обработка и
    исполнение: Jarrod Radnich.

    Эпично, талантливо, гениально! Слушала бесконечное число раз…. 

  4. Paragon says:

    It’s easy to tell those 1,169 people who disliked are jealous because they
    can’t do stuff like this.

  5. Second Unit Aerials says:

    Such a shame. He was playing so well too, but right at the end, he hit a
    bum note.

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