my FB page, with gigs announcements and stuff like that. “Run to the Hills” is a song by the English heavy metal…

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25 thoughts on “Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills – piano cover version 2

  1. Denis Olifer says:

    ну что еще сказать? как всегда – великолепно!

  2. Classical Jams - Passionate Piano says:

    Vika, you rock the house with your incredible performance!!! Technically
    brilliant and really passionate!! Watching that left hand move swiftly and
    decisively gave me cramps just thinking about it :-))) Great guitar solo,
    too! To pull this off required much drive and stamina. It was awesome and
    even better than your first version!!! You are incredible and I loved it!
    BRAVO! ~Jackie

  3. noizix says:

    безграничный талант, совершенная техника… спасибо за канал и за Ваше

  4. DreamWizard9 says:

    Awesome when you play the solos!
    I can taste Dave Murray in it 🙂
    And of course a lot of Steve Harris in the bassline.
    Great job!

  5. Mark Ingerman says:

    Love it. You’re technically sound and approach is melodic…. nothing to
    say but BRAVISSIMO 

  6. Jack Kehoe says:

    All the bass Vika’s got in those remarkable hands.
    It looks like that hand’s gotta have it’s own brain.

    If it were not for her incredible beauty and her last “Sounds of Silence”
    My demented mind might again be thinking…
    she’s some sort of an advanced alien !

    But I know it’s just Vika being Vika.

    She is just evolved one more level up in play in the incroyible evolution
    of. ..
    “Vika’s Metal Music”

    Remarkable movements and incredible music.

    Ya dumayu bas …ya dumayu vy…. Vika.

    ( Vika, Ya spodivayusya, moyi glupi slova vse harazd z vamy. Khoroshyy ?
    … sertze hovoryt pravdu )


  7. jorge A marquez says:

    you are great!!!! i dont have words to say you are wonderful . muchas
    gracias Vika por tus covers. ;)

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