This is my intepretation of the amazing theme “S.T.A.Y. / Our Destiny Lies Above Us” from the motion picture Interstellar (2014) – composed by Hans Zimmer. “Interstellar theme piano”

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Interstellar – Main Theme – Hans Zimmer (Epic instrumental/piano cover)
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24 thoughts on “Interstellar – Main Theme – Hans Zimmer (Epic instrumental/piano cover)

  1. Aerobronamic says:

    I have huge respect for pianists, and I love this piece… But why do so
    many players seem to do this upward “wrist flick” when playing slowly?

  2. Deejay JeanP says:

    And the amazing thing is, Hans Zimmer wrote this without even having seen
    the film, or knowing what it was about

  3. Jacob Moreno says:

    Why does the emotion change so much with just a different instrument? It
    sounds more fragile on piano. I absolutely love this cover. 

  4. ShortShot25 says:

    Thanks so much man! I really appreciate this video. Because of this, I
    learned to play and ACED my music solo exam! I can’t thank you enough! :)

  5. Wayne Jorgensen says:

    I stumbled upon this and it is fantastic. I like the movie, I like the
    soundtrack and this piece represents the core feeling of the music. Good

  6. jagruti bhatti says:

    I love dis amazing piano music,coz I wtch out interstellar n love
    background music so I went to search soundtrack of dt n I found out urs
    beautiful music….thank you +Jacob’s Piano 

  7. DreamOfTitans says:

    Hey, amazing cover. I was wondering, why is it in a different key than the
    tutorial you made?

  8. Snydder says:

    Ooooohhh, this is sweet!!! I wish that you could play the other musics of
    thr movie too, that would be neat! 

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