Today I asked you guys which piece you would like to hear me play most today, and the majority vote was Interstellar, so here we go!…

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25 thoughts on “Interstellar – First Step Piano Cover

  1. Tohlemiach says:

    Since the very first part of this song sounds similar to it, next you
    should cover the piece from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Not sure what it’s
    called but it’s the super awesome and emotional one that starts out with
    those two alternating piano notes.

  2. superbuffguy100 says:

    Watching you play has helped me to understand the importance of gestures
    used when you play and how that contributes to the sway and beauty of the

  3. Kyle Biggs says:

    I know it would practically be a sin, considering how much money you’ve
    spent to get a electric piano design to feel and sound like a real one, but
    would you try playing the organ parts with an organ ‘voice?’ That sure
    would be interesting!

  4. MrBromaba says:

    Man, I really don’t know what to say! I watched Interstellar and Zimmers
    minimal music made it just perfect. This kind of music is so simple but it
    really gives me goosebumps due to it’s atmospheric sounding. After I
    watched the movie I tried to play this piece but I really failed because
    there was just something missing. I searched on YouTube if anyone uploaded
    a good piano solo version but I didn’t really like what I found. I knew
    that it would be coming out great if you covered it but I didn’t think this
    will happen because it’s structure is really simple (Amaj7, G6 and Am lol)
    and it’s not really something which is challenging your skills. But now you
    covered it and man, I’m so excited about it!! It reminded me so much on the
    storyline and all the awesomness in the movie. Damn, I think I need to
    watch it again lol! And you really gave me inspirations for a piano solo
    version. I think it’s time for me to cover that piece too because you gave
    me new ideas for this piece! Thanks for being awesome, Kyle!!

  5. Breno Carioca says:

    I was one of the people that asked you this piece. Thank you man for making
    this videos! One day, I’ll be like you on piano! Just thank you! 

  6. Jess M says:

    Attack on Titan. I’m so. Excited. I’ve heard other piano covers before but
    not yours. I’m sure it will be amazing…

  7. Hikari says:

    how is this even possible? my right hand would have fallen into pieces..
    your playing is admirable!

  8. Beccy Lawrence says:

    I am really taken with all of your piano covers, but this really took my
    breath away. The soundtrack for Interstellar is beautiful, but very
    stationary at times. You manage to give it motion. A truly great cover will
    bring something to the music that the original does not, and you do this

  9. Anthony Chae says:

    I must admit, I really envy people like Kyle. People with such beautiful
    artistic talent that can put a smile on others faces. Excellent work by the
    way :)

  10. Robert Eichenseher says:

    loved the film, love the minimal but effective music, but love “opulent”
    versions like yours even more…
    if hans wins the oscar they should let u play your version there!

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