For sheets visit my website: (not up yet – but soon). A piano cover of Arranged and performed by YourPianoCover. If you liked …

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25 thoughts on “Human – Christina Perri – Piano Cover Video by YourPianoCover

  1. ArtiBF says:

    dude i just subscribed but please finish your website so we can get all the
    sheets lol :D

  2. Ta Nguyen says:

    Mindblown!! I honestly enjoy all your covers especially this one. This is
    the most accurate transcription of human, you are amazing!!! I can’t wait
    till your site is up! Keep up the great work and spreading the love of
    music for the world to hear. Your gift is very appreciated :)

  3. Noémie Gaudreault says:

    I didn’t notice but i hope with five (oh shit, how do i say it in
    english…) octaves? Ahem. I wish i can play it on my little piano of five
    something i’m sure you’ll understand what i’m talking about xD.

    It is a very beautiful version, seriously i love it! I’ll finish to learn
    My Immortal by Evanescence and after I learn this for sure!

  4. Ella Lam says:

    The way you record the piano cover is indeed attracting people to watch it.
    And the way you post the sheet and sync together when you played it, it is
    incredible. Keep going!!!!!!!


    I LOVE IT. I really like all your covers. You are amazing. I listen like
    for almost 10 cover and I keep listeing! YOU ARE AWSAME 

  6. Kimberly Silva' says:

    +YourPianoCover hey i was wondering if i can use this for a cover? I would
    be willing to mention credits ((: 

  7. Phil Hughes says:

    By far the best arrangement I’ve come across. Thanks for sharing this.
    When will your website be up and running? 

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