25 thoughts on “Hozier -Take Me To Church (piano cover)

  1. mkid75 says:

    Adrian you do such a fantastic job at piano! I wish you all the luck in the
    world with your future endeavours on piano! Again fantastic video.

  2. eebdea says:

    Amazing as always Adrian.. Would love to hear you play more often, seeing
    an upload from you is starting to be quite rare :'(

  3. Bob Walrus says:

    Could I ask you how do you learn a song so fast? I see you uploading quite
    a lot (considering the time I take to perfect a song) I can probably learn
    up to 2 songs per year because it takes me about 6 months… How do you do

  4. Thales Eduardo Reis Conceição Lopes says:

    Take Me To Church é uma música muito bonita. Com uma profundidade muito
    grande. Me emociona muito. E a sua interpretação ficou incrível, perfeita,
    maravilhosa. Parabéns.

    Take Me To Church is a beautiful song. With a very great depth. Excites me
    a lot. And his interpretation was amazing, perfect, wonderful.

  5. Allison Le says:

    Can you please do “Retrograde” by James Blake?? I love that song so much,
    and I also love your piano covers!! Amazing

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